Comment on SPATEX 2011

Our return to SPATEX 2010 worked well for us with a new stand in a different location upstairs on the balcony. As a company we are committed to help drive our industry forward and to create sustainable and better profits for all so our focus at the show was on innovative new products supported by our knowledgeable staff.

As ever, it’s difficult to determine exactly what we got out of being there although the show plays a part in our overall marketing strategy

Being really honest, I think the industry and therefore the show, is in a bit of a rut, perhaps partially due to complacency but it all seemed rather tired, with the same format year after year; it’s all become a little too comfortable.

A time for change

Golden Coast is committed to the show however, if we’re looking to grow and develop as an industry then it’s time for change; we need to become more inspiring about the way we present ourselves. The Piscine show in Lyon is a good example of what we should be aspiring to, it’s vibrant and energetic with a lot going on and as a result seen by many European pool and spa companies as event not to be missed.

To go forward we have to become more professional at what we do as an industry so exhibitors and visitors come to our show with a purpose rather than just attending out of habit.

What do you think? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts using the comments section below.

Jamie Adams,
Managing Director,
Golden Coast Ltd.