How Dutch LED’s are lighting up UK pools.

With the announcement of an exclusive partnership between leading Dutch lighting manufacturer EVA Optic and UK distributor Golden Coast, a new wave of lighting has hit UK shores.

EVA Optic is well-known throughout Europe for providing underwater lighting displays. The company has worked on cove lighting in government buildings and underwater lighting in international competition swimming pools. They also provided the spectacular underwater lighting schemes for Center Parcs resorts in six cities in The Netherlands and Germany.

Commercial & residential use.

Their LED underwater lighting units can be installed during the design and construction stage, or mounted into the walls of existing pools as a retrofit. EVA Optic’s range of luminescent LED underwater lighting is available in the UK only via Golden Coast, and has been developed for both commercial and residential pools.

These high-powered, compact LEDs feature a unique set of properties not found in standard pool lights. Their combination of very high light output and extremely wide beam angles ensures a uniformly illuminated pool from one wall to another.

EVA Optic LED underwater lighting is available in six versions, all designed with the latest LED technology.

In terms of energy efficiency, the A2 Multicolour LED underwater light has two high-power chip LEDs with a constant power consumption of 50W. The overall light output corresponds to a standard 400W halogen underwater light, yet the unit only consumes an eighth of the electricity.

Innovative features.

The A2 contains three colours in one light. The lamp is DMX-ready and is equipped with Intelligent Power Control so that the output of the lamp remains fixed at 100%, even if only one of the two LEDs is on.

The electronics (both driver and power supply) are not located in the fixture, but are mounted in a central area above the ground. This makes the unit not only less vulnerable, but technical maintenance a lot more practical.

The A4 LED underwater light has four LED colours; red, green, blue and white (6500K or 3250K). With this lamp you can mix any colour you want, but you can also opt for 50W white light, something standard RGB lamps are not capable of.

A riot of colour.

These underwater lights are capable of producing intense, deep glows of strong colour, or more delicate, subtle light arrays. The user picks the light value and colour density themselves.

The most eye-catching display, though, is from running one of the DMX colour shows where the lights constantly cycle through swathes of luminescent colour, brightness and depth; multiple colours dance and reflect off the surface of the water.

The lamp is equipped with ‘Intelligent Power Control’, which ensure the lamp always has maximum light output of 50W, even if only one of the four LEDs is turned on. In other LED underwater lighting, major light loss occurs when only one colour of the light output remains.

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