Innovative light and water therapy

A new interactive therapeutic water feature that lets pool bathers control the flow of water simply by touching its base has been introduced by Golden Coast.

The ‘Aquila Cascade’ has an innovative ‘touch sensitive’ control system in its AISI 316 stainless steel base that controls four different water flows, which in turn are linked to hidden changing coloured LED lights sequenced to illuminate the water as it cascades back into the pool.

For fun or relaxation

Water cascades not only allow bathers to relax under a curtain of warm water to relax muscles and relieve stress but add excitement and fun for children to enhance any swimming pool experience.

Ideally suited for indoor or outdoor domestic pools it can be fitted during initial construction or as part of a refurbishment project, the Aquila Cascade joins other water curtain and water cannon units available from Golden Coast.

These include the Flexinox ‘Bali’ that creates a gentle curtain of water, while the Cannon jet ‘Fiji’ comes with either a circular or flat nozzle to deliver a ‘high-pressure’ defused water jet. Alternatively, the ‘Tahiti’ has the option of four different nozzle heads to create a single or defused spray.