Interest in sauna and steam heating up

As demand for wellness continues to rise, Jamie Adams, managing director of Golden Coast offers advice on making the most of the very real opportunity this presents the wet leisure industry.
Studies in recent years have identified that more of us our prioritising our health and wellbeing. We’re seeing this reflected online, where there is great deal of interest in sauna and steam.

Alongside this, more and more of us are having opportunities for wellness experiences, perhaps while at a day spa, on holiday or their local leisure centre.

This has created an opportunity for the industry to help homeowners bring this year-round experience into their everyday lives.

But, they need to know about it.

While sauna sales have grown steadily, commercial installations far outweigh domestic ones… at least where the wet leisure trade is involved. There is a concern that it’s bathroom installers, rather than our industry, winning these sales, as part of general bathroom updates.

Our survey says . . .

Many respondents in the State of the Wet Leisure Industry Survey 2017 reported a lack of enquiries, in contrast to 2016 results. Of course, there were exceptions – particularly among companies offering sauna and steam in the Midlands and North. The study also suggests that the greater the awareness of the benefits of sauna and steam bathing, the greater the marketplace success.

Across domestic and commercial projects, there’s a strong drive for customising sauna cabins and steam rooms precisely to user needs, while ensuring quality, reliability and energy efficiency.

Meeting this need is easy – if you know where to look. That’s why we are the UK’s long-term authorised partner for world-leading Swedish manufacturer Tylö.

The Harmony range, for example, has been created to deliver homes with a one-of-a-kind high-end finish… that’s easy to assemble. Models feature Elite, Tylö’s state-of-the-art control panel. It’s easy-read display, processor and operating system support advanced functions that allow owners to fully customise the unit’s efficiency and performance to their precise needs.

The intelligent panels connect to WiFi via a smartphone app – ensuring that they can create the perfect sauna ambience – wherever they may be. In addition, owners can pre-programme schedules, set ideal temperature and humidity, select lighting and music.

Take your pick

Starting at just 1.16 m², the Harmony is available in two shapes: square or corner. It can be specified with a range of glass and door options and finishes, including luxury frosted glass. It can be specified with a choice of external and internal wood finishes that can be mixed and matched to suit individual tastes.

Perfect Harmony

For installers, it doesn’t get much easier than Harmony. All components are supplied pre-fabricated, so you have everything in place for quick and easy installation of electrics and ventilation. But, more than that, it means you can give your customer the high-end finish they want as there are no visible and unsightly fixings or joints.

Tylö has given its commercial offerings the same level of attention. Steam baths such as the Tylö Elyseé offer the stylised design and quality demanded by hotels, spas and corporate hospitality settings. Featuring tempered safety glass, durable plastic and anodised aluminium, installation is about more than aesthetics, it’s exceptionally durable too.

Designed with flexibility in mind, the range is available in 11 sizes and has several customisable features, including a wheelchair-accessible door.

It’s supplied in a prefabricated kit that’s supplied in assembly-ready wall and ceiling sections, featuring integral seating and recessed downlighting. Kits include everything you need, including lighting, air outlet vent and all assembly hardware required.

A much needed tonic

Numerous scientific studies have confirmed the physiological benefits of a steam session. It improves performance in endurance sport, relieves rheumatic pain and arthritis and reduces symptoms of chronic fatigue, too.

Multi-sensory spa experiences take steam a luxurious step further. Models, such as the versatile Tylö Panacea, raise the bar in relaxation, allowing the user to control every aspect of the experience. As well as adjusting temperature, light, steam, and sound settings by remote control, these units allow clients to benefit from aromatherapy, with essential oils added at the touch of a button.

Physically beneficial and exceptionally relaxing, the popularity of steam rooms and saunas is clearly justified. And with easy-to-install units – customisable to suit nearly any application – demand for domestic and commercial installation shows no sign of slowing.

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