PoolCop is like having your engineer in the customer’s plant room all the time.

The PoolCop system is a new, innovative pool management solution designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of pool maintenance.

PoolCop is easily installed; the main Valve Data Unit in place of the existing multiport and the Control Communication Unit mounted on a nearby wall where additional equipment such as an automatic dosing system can be linked.

Once installed on your customers’ pools you can remotely monitor all of them from a central platform that receives alerts when something is wrong i.e. high back pressure on the filter or chemicals needing replenishment.

This allows you to be more proactive with both servicing and preventative maintenance and allows you to organise your service engineers more efficiently thus improving customer satisfaction and of course, profits.

To find out more about PoolCop or to discover further benefits of pool automation, call #TeamGC on 01271 378 100 or email here