Triogen triumphs.

The latest advances in UV disinfection technology means keeping water safe from unhealthy or undesirable organisms is no longer just a case of waging chemical warfare

For residential swimming pool and spa owners, the UV options now available from leading water treatment specialist Triogen include cost-effective TR2 units which save on both capital and running costs while improving water quality.

Principled performance.

The essential principle of these systems is that they use radiation from UV lamps to inactivate the cells of unhealthy or undesirable organisms in the water. Medium-pressure lamps are often used for large swimming pools, but low-pressure lamps are more than sufficiently effective for residential pools and spas – and have the advantage of consuming less energy.

Other cost-saving features of the TR2 range include automatic shutdown to conserve power in the absence of flow, as well as a robust, hardwearing, low-maintenance construction. Their reactor bodies are made from UV-inhibited polymeric materials, which are totally resistant to corrosion, and their UV lamps have a life of 18 months. The TR2 UV systems have a two-year warranty, including a pro rata warranty for the lifespan of the UV lamps

Easy installation.

The compact units have been designed for quick and easy fitting, so that installation is inexpensive. Each comes complete with union adapters, a pressure gauge and a pressure switch, ready for simple connection to a suitably protected power supply. Maintenance costs are reduced by a robust construction that includes a 100% corrosion-resistant, UV-inhibited, polymeric reactor vessel and long (18 months) UV lamp life.

While affordability is a key issue for owners, the main benefit of switching to UV disinfection is improved water quality, as the TR2 unit controls algae, chlorine-resistant organisms and other unwanted life forms, without having any harmful residual effect or leaving any by-product in the water.

Lower running costs.

The UV system when used in tandem with existing sanitising treatments, such as salt water chlorination or standard dosing will mean a substantial reduction in the chemical levels needed. For owners, this means a better pool or spa experience… in addition to reduced running costs.”

TR2 units are available in three sizes, to treat flows of 11, 22, or 32 cubic metres per hour. They are equipped with one, two, or three high-output UV lamps and can deliver UV irradiation at a powerful dose of 30 mJ per square centimetre at the end of lamp life.

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