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Traditionally chlorine has been the most commonly used method of disinfecting pool water as it has many benefits including being cheap, easy to use and control and the best option to provide a stable residual of disinfectant in pool water.

On the downside both chlorine and other chemical disinfectants can cause long term damage to pool buildings, produce unpleasant smells and affect bather comfort through incorrect chemical management.

Using a Triogen UV unit or a Triogen Ozone generator will put an end to these problems and bring a range of benefits for residential pool owners, commercial managers and bathers.

Cryptosporidium and Legionella

Critically, Triogen ozone and UV systems provide the correct output to kill chlorine resistant bacteria and organisms including Cryptosporidium and Legionella.

Ozone is also a very strong oxidant and has a flocculant effect that adds a polishing sparkle to the water and enhances the bather experience. In fact that water will feel different too.

Both Ozone and UV help inhibit the growth of algae which is why UV is extensively used on garden ponds and aquariums which are particularly vulnerable to turning green.

Both systems will also reduce the level of chlorine residual (an oxidiser) used in traditional water treatment which in turn will increase the life of a swimming pool and building.

Reduced chlorine

Triogen will also reduce Chlorine consumption by 50% or more.

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Ozone Generator Products

Triogen ozone generators are based on negative pressure operation for safety when operated within public buildings and are available for all sizes and types of pools from back garden private pools to Olympic Pool installations.

Ultra Violet (UV) Products

Triogen Ltd. supplies small low-pressure UV systems for private pool and spa applications and larger medium pressure UV systems for hotel, public pool and water park applications.

Combined Ozone & UV (AOP) Products

Triogen Ltd. manufactures a range of combined Ozone/UV systems utilising the Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) whereby the water is treated due to the formation of hydroxyl radicals, a very powerful oxidant which is many times more powerful than ozone or UV alone. These systems are marketed under the Uvazone name and are for use on medium sized public pools.

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