Knowledge is power

Golden Coast managing director Jamie Adams reveals the greatest asset we can have in this industry and the steps being taken by the company to enhance its value.
They say knowledge is power and in a fast-paced industry like ours, it surely is. It provides us with new ways of thinking, working and inspiring: giving us the competitive edge we need to win over new business.

This is certainly true at Golden Coast, where we are always looking for ways to enhance our team’s knowledgebase. From in-house training to industry-wide certification, we understand the rewards of investing in our expertise.

This awareness and understanding of the technical (and not-so-technical) challenges our customers face and the proven methods available to overcome them, add real value to our customer offering. However, it also enhances what they can offer their customers, too.

That’s why we have heavily invested in developing our wide range of resources to support you in meeting your goals – whatever they may be.



Here are our customers’ top three resources available from Golden Coast.

Andy’s Answers on YouTube

This video library answers real questions asked by our customers, such as ‘how to change the shaft seal on a swimming pool pump’. That way we know that viewers will find the answers useful. And they must be, as this video series has been watched more than 400,000 times since the channel’s launch in 2012.
Videos are hosted by Andy James, our in-house technical expert. He’s been working with electromechanical equipment for more than 45 years and, in short, what he doesn’t know about a subject simply isn’t worth knowing. Andy’s aim is to make everything as clear and simple as he can and, as ever, he delivers it all with a healthy dose of dry wit.

Free online resources

From e-books and brochures to manuals and technical guidance, the Golden Coast website is packed with the information you need to work effectively (and profitably).

Simply head over to the ‘Resources’ section at to discover a wealth of information here – including e-books, videos, articles and more. This extensive library is packed with resources designed to help you run your business successfully.

There are e-books and articles offering advice on planning, marketing, sales and more. Our sauna e-book is particularly popular and provides a good launchpad for those looking to diversify and gain year-round income.

Training support

To ensure you team is equipped with the skills necessary, our sales team can arrange training sessions which are tailored to your exact needs.

These can cover a range of products (new and existing) or focus on just one – for either your sales team or your engineers. What’s more, we can host them in our dedicated training and display rooms.

In addition, we regularly organise factory visits for our customers. The feedback from these visits has been extremely positive. By enhancing their understanding of the product and the ethos behind it, it boosts their marketplace confidence.

To discuss your training needs or to discover more ways Golden Coast can support you, call the Golden Coast Sales Team on 01271 378100, email here or visit our web site