Leadership: noun. The action of leading a group of people or an organisation.

Your team, your party, your group or your squad; wherever you look people seem to like getting themselves into groups to achieve a goal or promote a cause or win a match, and those groups need to be led. They need leadership.

The world has been working this way for a very, very long time now and so it would be reasonable to suppose that we would have become rather good at producing leaders, or at least having a clear idea of what they should do and how they should behave.

It seems not.

After three years, it would be nice to be looking back at Brexit, to be talking about how we had managed the challenges of staying or leaving and how we were now moving forward knowing what course had been set for our country, our economy and our businesses.

But that isn’t where we are. We are still wondering what will happen and how it will affect us. After three years. Can you imagine what would happen to a company if the MD or the Chairman left such a momentous decision unresolved for three years?

The effect of the unknown is taking its toll on everything from the high street to housing and holidays and of course, the Wet Leisure Industry.

Britain’s retailers suffered from the worst May on record as mounting uncertainty over the UK’s departure from the EU led to consumers becoming more wary of making bigger purchases and our house builders have suffered their worst monthly decline as heightened political and economic uncertainty hurts the economy, all of which could be put down to poor leadership.

So what does good leadership look like?

Leaders create a vision. Leaders paint a picture of a bright future that their team can buy into and share. A dream is a lot more powerful than a deadline or a target.

Leaders embrace change. The world is always changing. If your business hasn’t changed significantly in the last three years say, you can be pretty sure that it’s no longer in step with the world and you should look at how you might want to catch up.

Leaders take risks. Leaders aren’t afraid of making mistakes. If you don’t make mistakes, you aren’t trying new things. We just need to make sure that we don’t make the same mistake twice.

Leaders build relationships. Leadership is all about people. You can’t lead a balance sheet or a machine or a process. Leaders build loyalty and trust within their business and with the people from outside who interact with it.

And leaders coach. They aren’t afraid of people learning and growing, they encourage it. Good leaders let the members of their team enjoy some of the good things that leaders get to do. They let them change and take risks and take responsibility and share the vision and build relationships. A good leader will build a great team, and that team will support their leader.

Take me to your leader.

At Golden Coast we have always said that we succeed when you succeed and that is true for the bigger picture as well.

The sun is shining and the weather is hot but we’ll all only really prosper when our economy is being led towards a brighter and more certain future.

Having said that, we need to make the most of where we are and you can be sure that #Team GC will take the lead in giving you all the support that your business needs whether that is marketing support, technical know-how or just good old customer service.

So if there is anything that #Team GC can do to help you and your business get ahead, please just ask.