These are a few of my favourite things.

I think that everyone who works in the industry must have one or two favourite products. It might be something lavish like a moving floor, eco-friendly like a heat pump or just something that works really well like a particular fixing.

Over the next few months, I’m going to ask a few of the team at Golden Coast what their favourites are and why but I thought it was only fair if I kicked the ball off myself.

But before I do, can I just say that if you haven’t yet taken the Wet Leisure Industry Survey, please, please do so. The Survey has been running for 6 years now and it’s nice to see the number of people who do take the trouble to complete it steadily rising.

It will only take you a few minutes and there are comment boxes on most questions so that you can make your own voice heard. Who knows, you might even get quoted when the Survey results are published at SPATEX – although no one will know it’s you as all the responses are anonymous. The Survey results are also published on the web at

Every response to the Wet Leisure Survey adds to the pool of knowledge that we all share. That knowledge helps us all to make better business decisions and it helps industry bodies, like the BSPF, know how best to support and reflect the views of the industry when lobbying at home and abroad, which is one of the reasons that the BSPF supports the Survey.

Favourite No. 5: DEL pool covers.

We have been doing business with DEL since 2004 and have always had a really good relationship with them but I wondered which of their products I liked best? Perhaps their replacement slats in the polycarbonate option for solar gain? What about Ultima, their new automatic, all-season safety cover, or their solar powered covers and all the options that they come in?

And then I realised that it’s their constant innovation that gets me. They’ve come up with solutions to meet every requirement; from cover styles and installation types to safety options and colour ranges. And they just seem to keep on coming up with new ideas.

Favourite No. 4: Pahlen Stainless steel skimmer.

I began in this industry by building pools and whatever else might be involved, a pool is all about plumbing and fittings.

I like the fact that something as simple and as necessary as a skimmer can be turned into what is almost a work of art by good design and attention to detail.

Favourite No. 3: GC Custom built control panels.

Apple have rather lost their shine in recent years and I have no intention of splashing out over a thousand pounds on an iPhone X. Having said that, as I have an iMac, a Watch, iPad and iPhone I think it’s safe to assume that I’m still a fan of the brand and that’s because of the core promise it offers me; connectivity. Everything works with everything else.

And that’s the feature that I like most about our control panels, whether its domestic or commercial, that one control box can run the lot. Filter pump. Booster pump. Feature pump. The blower, the heater, the chemical dosing, the air handling and the lighting. And whatever else you want to add to it.

Favourite No. 2: EasyKlip

Never heard of them? I’m not surprised. It’s not a big seller but it is one of those things that, once you have used one, you’ll wonder how you ever got on without them.

Mostly we sell them as an easy, low cost solution for damages spa covers but they have no end of uses and I just love the simplicity of it and how it uses intelligent design and the laws of physics to great effect.

Favourite No. 1: I think I might have already mentioned this.

Having recently suffered a bit of a health scare I’m off my bike at the moment but going through the recovery process using an indoor trainer – or turbo – and anyone who regularly uses one will understand why mine is fondly referred to as ‘The Bastard’ on my Strava account.

Using a turbo is a bit of a Marmite affair and I have to admit to being a lover of both (I have a large collection of jars) but what I really love about mine is not just that it emulates the power and inertia experienced during outdoor riding but that it provides me with a range of important data relating to my heart, speed, distance, power, and cadence.

I love how facts and statistics can be collected together for reference and analysis… Which brings me back rather neatly to the Wet Leisure Industry Survey.

Thank you.

Kind regards,