Expand your horizons.

Golden Coast support package contains everything you need to sell pools… and saunas

If you can sell pools, you can sell saunas.

This is one of the key messages to pool companies from Golden Coast, Britain’s largest independent distributor of wet leisure products to the trade, which has put together a whole package of resources to help their businesses grow.

“Our motivation is quite simple,” says Golden Coast’s Managing Director Jamie Adams. “The success of Golden Coast depends on the success of our customers – so we need to do everything we possibly can to make them prosper.”

In particular, Golden Coast is encouraging them to expand into the sauna market. After all, the skills, equipment and facilities needed to sell, install and maintain saunas are very similar to those needed for pools and hot tubs. What’s more, there is a huge overlap in the customer base. In other words, the most obvious buyers of saunas are the pool companies’ existing customers.

Golden Coast knows a thing or two about the sauna business, having enjoyed a 30-year relationship with Swedish company Tylö – one of the most prestigious names in the sauna industry. Tylö’s reputation for reliability and quality, together with Golden Coast’s advice and support, should give businesses working with them an immediate head start.

Free e-books

A very convincing case for this business opportunity is given in a free e-book, downloadable from the Golden Coast website golden.co. The figures speak for themselves. Mr Adams explains: “Sauna business in this country has been is increasing by 10% per annum over the last decade. A company with its own showroom, working as an authorised Tylö dealer and using the recommended SRP, will make a substantial gross profit on each sauna sale – and customers will expect to pay between £2,500 and £25,000 a time.”

As well as explaining why expansion into the sauna market is a good idea, the e-book also gives clear guidance on how to make a success of it. In another free e-book, again downloadable from goldenc.co, Golden Coast gives businesses a step-by-step guide to increasing the effectiveness of their marketing. The same principles can be applied to pools, saunas and any other product or service. Avoiding marketing jargon, this comprehensive ‘how to’ guide is presented clearly and directly to companies working in the wet leisure industry.

One of the lessons Golden Coast has learned through 35 years in wet leisure is that customers are much more likely to buy if they can look, touch and feel. With this in mind, it has put together a very effective Tylö ‘virtual’ sauna display which gives a real flavour of the sauna experience without taking up valuable showroom space.

The attractively priced display is 2.3 metres high and just 1.5 or 2.0 metres wide – depending on whether the single unit with one mounted poster or the double with two posters is chosen. The kit contains everything you need to set the sauna scene, from the shelving and furnishings to the heater, sauna stones, buckets and ladles, hourglass and a collection of essential oils.

“Whatever you do, now is not the time to stand still,” warns Jamie Adams. “But while there are many possibilities for diversification, if you move into areas only loosely associated with your core business you may damage your image as a wet leisure specialist. That’s why the sauna market, which is such a good fit with the pool business, is the ideal direction in which to expand.”